2018-09-05 22:50


Model Appearance Heating loss% Ash%
DOFLOW D-16 White or pale yellow particle ≤3.0 ≤9
DOFLOW D-16 :  Blend of surfactant and fatty acid calcium soap.

Recommendations for application:
*Performance is equal to that of Schill + Seilacher products, Struktol ® WB16
1 DOFLOW D-16 is used in rubber compounds to improve the flow properties. This effect is attributable to a considerable reduction of the viscosity(internal friction)of the green compound and a decrease of the sliding friction when in contact with metal surfaces.
2The release effect of  DOFLOW D-16 is remarkable.  DOFLOW D-16 eliminates sticking to rotors in internal mixers or on open mills and calender rolls,and improves mold release,especially when complicated mold designs are involved.
3 DOFLOW D-16 has a slight activating effect on the cure rate of sulfur-containing compounds.
4 DOFLOW D-16 can be added at any stage of the mixing cycle,even during the warm up stage of the finished compounds prior to calendering. However ,to achieve the optimum release effect and reduction of friction,it is best to add the  DOFLOW D-16 during the final mixing stage.


Packaging & Storage:
Packed in 25kg/paper bag lined with plastics,keeped in cool,dry place.Avoiding placing the bag under pressure.

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