2018-09-05 22:49


Model   Appearance    Heating loss% Ash%
DOFLOW D-12 white or offwhite particle ≤3.0 30.0
DOFLOW D-12: Blend of internal  and external lubricant, fatty acid,and metal soaps.
Recommendations for application:
1 DOFLOW D-12 is effective for the dispersion of carbon black ,white carbon black and other fillers. It can make the glue stock mixing more uniform.
2 DOFLOW D-12 can reduce the mooney viscosity of glue stock, increase the liquidity of the rubber compound, enhance the mixing efficiency, improve the processibility like rolling and extrusion. Then it can make the surface of the product smooth and pore-free.
3 DOFLOW D-12 will not interfer in the vulcanization system, and can prevent the blooming . It can significantly improve the wear resistance and flexibility of vulcanized rubber, and quality of the products.
4 It will be more effective if adding DOFLOW D-12 before carbon black when mixing the glue stock.
5 DOFLOW D-12 is suitable for NR and all kinds of synthetic rubber (except fluorin rubber and silicon rubber ).
Packaging & Storage:
Packed in 25kg/paper bag lined with plastics,keeped in cool,dry place.Avoiding placing the bag under pressure.

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